1987: Chessington World Of Adventures opens to the general public with a couple of ride which included; Dragon Falls, Old Crocks 5th Dimension, Safari Skyway and the Runaway Mine Train.
1988: Smuggles Galleon opens now called the Black Buccaneer
1990: The Vampire opens with Professor Burps Bubbleworks 
1994: The Forbidden Kingdom was introduced with Terror Tomb a horror ride in the dark  
1995: Sea storm and Rameses Revenge opened along with the old Carousel
1997: Action Man adventure opened to the public
1998: Newly built for the 1998 season we see a wild mouse ride added to the park line up
1999: Samurai opened where the magic carpet ride was previously hosted.
2000: Beanoland opened brings the mayhem and mischief of Dennis the Menace to life
2001: Berry bouncers and Bash street bus opened in the park adding to the park line up
2002: After the Vampire being closed for a year the ride relaunched with new ride cars and a more child friendly theme, Tomb Blaster also launched this year being in the same location as the old terror tomb ride.
2003: Hocus Pocus Hall was opened in the old Burnt Stub mansion a 4-D walk though attraction
2004: The land of the dragons was opened a adventure play area for young toddlers as well as a brand new ride Dragons Fury a spinning coaster for the whole family. 
2005: Peeking heights was moved from Thorpe Park to Chessington providing a brand new birds eye view of the park 
2006: Bubbleworks was re-themed and sponsored by Imperial leather
2007:  The Chessington hotel opened with a safari theme to the hotel
2008: A new sea life centre was opened in the park hosting 20 marine life displays with lots of fish
2009: Nothing new was added to the park
2010: Wild Asia was added to the park which saw the re theme of the old Beanoland with a new ride opening called the Kobra along with the other rides being re-themed
2011: A new scene was added into the sea life centre meaning that 2012 would need to have a new attraction!

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