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Alton Towers Scare Rooms

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Alton Towers

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“Following the terror of 2012, the Altonville Motel doors will reopen once again as new owners, Caleb Winkles and Mary Miller, plan to hold their wedding within the grounds. Never before has the phrase, ''until DEATH do us part"

So pack your bags and make your way down for a thrilling overnight stay at the Altonville Motel and a night you'll NEVER forget!”

7pm came and it was time for us to start making our way back to the hotel to check in for our scare-room. Although it didn't start until 9:30 we thought that way it would give us some time to settle in and try work out what was going on with the story. With scares going on until 3pm it was going to be a very long night. 

All of this review can be summarised by watching our scare-rooms video shown the best bits of the event.

Using a special entrance for the scare rooms we were greeted by Marry Miller the bride to be who told us about the evening and got us all to sign a disclaimer saying that the actors could touch us. Along with the rules of the evening she told us to meet outside a room at a time and wear something warm and "no hocker heels!" Miss Blair her grandma then entered the check in room and took us to our room. However she would demand people to open doors for her and give her a helping hand up the stairs. Anything you said to her she would turn negative as part of her character. Steven one of the members in our group asked her "how's your day been?" And she said "been good" that's all! Even when asked "have you been on the smiler?" She said "no!" To which we all started saying ant no body got time for that. 

In our room we noticed Scarefest related items from clothes to newspapers. The clothing provided was a sheriffs hat and a pair of rousers with a old Alton towers logo on it, presumably from an old costume. The news paper was printed on a A4 piece of paper and left next to the tv and had a headline article saying "local motel shits after unexplained deaths" and goes on to speak about 30 bodies that were found on site, which was the size of all of the rooms put together!

We meet downstairs at 8:30pm sharp just like Marry Miller and Miss Blair told us to for a group meeting where they showed us a photograph. After brief introductions we where walked out to the make shift chapel area where the buffet awaited. The photos below show what the area looked like there was a barrel fire going in the middle of the chapel with a make shift bar at the back of the area. The first drink was on Alton Towers and the rest you had to pay for on your rooms credit card. 

Whilst everyone was settling down the sherif was walking around chatting to people asking where they had come from when we noticed that he had a fake black eye. When he came over to us we questioned him on what he had done and he said me must of slipped or something. When asked about his job he said he did a bit of everything for the community. However there are some things he didn't want to talk about such as previous events at the Altonvile motel and why it had been previously shut down. Saying that it's just one of those things us locals just don't talk about. 

After everyone had settled in and knew some of the characters they introduced them selfs to everyone and welcomed us to the wedding venue. They all introduced them selfs again and opened up the Buffett which had Pork belly, cheese and other items along with puddings. One thing you don't see in the video is that Joss one of the guys in our group challenges Caleb to a potato eating challenge... He had to eat a balled potato like Joss did in a unique way. Hence why he is called up latter about a potato eating challenge.

Once everyone had finished eating it was one for the show to begin! The two main characters started arguing over the fact that we didn't say grace before eating good and that we should do it now to make up for it. They asked all off us to bow our heads and pray with them. Suddenly from behind us came a actor screaming "ohhhh ohhhh this sauce is good" picking out a blond girl in the audience and asking her to "lick his sauce" the man was then introduced and moved along however this wouldn't be the last we would see of him. The wedding singer was brought into the Chappel to be introduced as her previous boyfriend, Caleb wasn't happy and wouldnt let him stay however he stayed to do his job and sang at the end of the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony came around and the bride and groom had to pick people to be the best man and woman. Due to Joss beating Caleb at the potato eating challenge he was picked to be the best man and another member of the audience was picked to be the best woman.  After sherif who also seems to be the priest in this village married the couple they got the good man and women to give there speech pre written for them. However instead of saying it they have to act it out! 

The wedding snigger then gave it his all and gave a heart felt performance singing songs like Kiss me by Ed Sheeran and Freak by Radiohead.  Miss Blair and Jamie could be found dotted around the dance floor with Jamie dancing with random girls and Miss Blair "Twerking like Miley Cyrus" over a guy. The wedding singer then got told to get lost by Caleb for saying this song is for you" aimed towards Marry Miller who just got married. 

Towards the end of the outside section there is a power cut which causes the music to stop playing and the lights flicker off and on and then just turn off completely. Rustling is heard from outside where actors are making noises. The serif then came running in saying we've got to get out of here there's scarecrows everywhere. Walking back to the hotel we notice a scarecrow in the entrance to the area which wasn't there before! We where thinking what else had happened whilst we had gone? 

I'm our hotel room we found the bathroom mirror had been written on with red lipstick saying blood and straw. We somehow found our selfs with Jamie (marry millers brother) in our room and tried to pin the blame on him. This didn't quite work however he suggested that we pay someone to clean it up however we didn't have any money so we asked if he did and he gave us a real one $ bill. 

We had half an hours free time to charge our phones and to go to the bar in the Alton towers hotel to get drinks and try work out what's happening with the story line. So we stocked up on beer and prepared our selfs for what was gonna happen next.

After some time sat in the room working out the story whilst having a few drinks it was time for scares to start until 3am. The video explains the inside section a lot better however Scarecrows play a big part of the end of the story. Marry Miller had a deal with Miss Blair (her mum) that she would bring people to the Altonvile motel for her boys to feed upon. Caleb was killed by the wedding singer “by accident” they didn't want to kill him that way. Miss Blair turned out to be the female actress from the previous scarerooms and brought her children from the past back into the story. At the end of the night we see Marry and Miss Blair go get the boys and they feed on us dragging us out of our beds and coming right up in our faces and screaming. 

Overall the scares were a little short and sometimes where very spaced out from each other but the interaction with guests was top notch with them coming right up in your face and physically moving you about. The story line was very clever and the actors would always set you straight if you tried to get more information out of them. We tried to ask questions that we thought they wouldn't know the answers for however they had a answer for everything… We shall return in 2014 to see what Alton Towers do to Scarerooms!

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