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Thorpe Blows It Up

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Thorpe Park

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Thorpe Park Blows It Up made a return to make the end of the theme park season for 2011. The park was open until 8pm for the event however the fireworks are untimed to the music unlike previous years where they have been timed to music. Since it was the last day of the season the park was very busy during the day however everyone seemed to just go home as soon as it go dark so the park quietened down. 

At 6:30pm the park started their burning of a man thing where they burnt the famous Jedward, by using firework and other special effects. The main display started at 7:00pm and lasted for around 20 minutes where the show featured top 20 music from this year and lots and lots of fireworks. Overall this Thorpe Park blows it up event went very well and was very well put together, a good end to the season.

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