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Thorpe Park Brainiac Live 2015

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Thorpe Park

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Thorpe Park Resort opened its doors from 14th till 22nd February 2015 for its half term event Brainiac Live! With limited rides open, the cost of entry was reduced to £15 if booked online. Stealth, The Swarm, Angry Birds 4D, King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems, Flying Fish, Depth Charge and Storm in a teacup where the only rides and attractions open. With all rides being walk on throughout the week the event was the perfect time to get a thrill fix!

Brainiac Live was previously performed on park for the “Big Easter’ event in the Showcase Venue however this year the show was moved to the Lakeview Marquee next to The Swarm. The Live action show lasted for 45 minuets and featured Live action science featuring experiments such as; Exploding Balloons, Liquid Nitrogen Fun, Electric Fence, Rocket Propelled chairs and many others. We visited the park last year and watched the show however this years version was so much better. It would appear that this year it has a bigger budget with new additions to the show along with a few stunts performed last year. 

Interactive workshops around the park also popped up with three experiments on show. These workshops featured experiments from the shows such as the airzooka and energy bikes. 

Elephants Toothpaste, Located in the Dome. 

Trained Brainiac’s mix chemicals together to cause a explosive reaction. 

Energy Bikes, Located outside Angry Birds 4D.

Jump on a bike an pedal your way to victory with the Energy-O-meter. Your against the clock, the quickest team wins!

Airzooka Challenge, Located outside the Mega Store. 

Straight from the TV show, you use a Airzooka to knock as many cups off the mannequins head as you can in 1 minute. 

With the resort branding changing last year to a family orientated park, the park have tried to make the event family friendly with Angry Birds Land open, Depth Charge and the Flying Fish open. However it would of been better if more children rides where open such as Rumba Rapids, Mr Monkeys Banana Boat and the Rocky Express. However regardless of what was open for the event lots of family’s with small children where at the park for the event! All rides opened without having any problems to our knowledge, all coasters only had one train however with no queues a second train wasn't needed!

Towards the end of the event “Inferno Pizza Pasta” opened for previews with the food outlet open to the public. Previously occupied by Pizza Hut the building has been extended and rethemed with a volcano theme throughout the restaurant. With huge design problems with the previous layout of the restaurant the new layout of the Pizza and Pasta buffet has been fixed! No Longer is there a floating islands for food. The quality of the food in the restaurant is outstanding and nothing like the other pizza pasta units at other Merlin parks. When seated we where told that the seats used in the outlet where only temporary and new ones where being built during the next few weeks. 

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