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Bubbleworks Farewell Party

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Chessington World Of Adventures

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After 10 years of operation on 6th September 2016 Bubbleworks took its last tour, from being passed down through generations of Bubbleheads and factory owners the ride shut its doors. Previously operated by Professor Burp the ride took guests on a factory tour of his pop factory. 

Along with this review, the TPG team Live blogged from the event which can be seen on the live events page on the website. 

Back in July a staff poster located in a public area was posted on the TPG Facebook page where we broke the news about the ride leaving. On this poster, the park admitted the ride was looking run down and was no longer the same as it used to be “We know that as a much love ride, Bubbleworks has created many happy memories for guest over the last 26 years. However, the ride has lost some of its magic and sparkle in recent years” 

During the rides last day of operation, the queue for the ride excluded everyone’s perfective and a temporary extension queue had to be put in place. Being a firm favourite it would seem everyone from across the UK was coming to the park for one last ride on Bubbleworks before the last bubble popped.  

Towards the end of the day, around 10 minutes before the ride closed. Security came down as lots of people had started to linger around the entrance of the ride trying to be that final public boat on the ride. Little did they know… later that evening there was a big send off with press and media. We stuck around in the area waiting for the queue line to shut, whilst we weren’t at the back of the queue we were in the station when suddenly from nowhere everyone started to sing / hum the music. The atmosphere in the station was really nice! 

After everyone from the park had been escorted out and the coast was clear the media event started in the smokehouse BBQ area. With Bubble machines positioned outside and a character pretending to be professor burp welcoming you to the event. At the check-in area, the park had a Bubblehead figure on the floor. Perfect for selfies or photos with. 

In the media area, the park had printed some fact boards about the ride with photos of the old Bubbleworks Ride and new one and put some old Bubbleworks items around the area. Such as mangos used in the old ride, an old sound card used to play music in the ride and a guide wheel from what we expect was the old lift hill.  Also, exclusive to the event you could bid on one of the old original props. The old professor burps office sign. All bids where anonymous so we never knew how much the original sign sold for. 

After lingering around in the media / reception area “Professor Burp” announced to everyone it was time to go down to the ride and have one final ride before he closed the doors forever. The park left the ride open for around 30 minutes which left enough time for a few final rides and if you were lucky enough. A ride with the “Professor Burp” character. 

Although it’s sad to see the ride go were excepted to see what the park will replace it with! There’s currently no information known about what will replace Bubbleworks however with high levels of theming on The Ghost Train at Thorpe Park we’ve got high expectations of the future of Bubbleworks. However current rumours suggest the ride could be themed around an IP of The Gruffalo or Hotel Transylvania. 

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