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Fright Nights 2015

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Thorpe Park

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Fright Nights are back and the event is scarier than ever! Scared of Clowns? Its probably best to stay at home or go to Legoland Windsor! Roll up, roll up the carnival is in town. The ringmaster is in and he holds the key to the islands dark secret arriving in 2016. New this year, The Big Top and Containment. Twist your way through the new scare maze on Amity Beach or face being locked up forever in Containment if you cant work out the door codes. This years Fright Nights event will mess with your mind. 

Experience the mazes from 3pm till 10pm or the rides in the dark the choice is up to you! #FrightNights2015 

The Big Top:

New for 2015 Thorpe Park takes hold of the rains again and has a go at creating a new scare maze IP called The Big Top. Dare you grab a ticket to the greater scare attraction on earth? This abandoned carnival is far from a walk in the park, the famous Figaro Bro’s promise to haunt anyone that dares trespass and enter the maze. 

The scare maze has now been open for a few weeks and over that time the maze is getting better and better! More theming has been added since the press night and the overall maze experience is amazing. Greeted by a women crystal ball on a table your told your fate and get told to pick a corridor. Left or right you decide your own fate! When you exit the first tent you walk outside for a few second which helps build up tension. The second tent plays host to the mirror maze and lots of jump scares. After going through this section a few times were still noticing things every run through. 

Going under the bridge your greeted by the ringmaster who gathers your whole group together and sends you into the third and final tent that plays host to tight corridors and yet more clowns! From a human jack in the box to a clown with a chainsaw this final tent has it all. One thing we've noticed is that every corner of this maze is themed. Comparing The Big Top to the other Lionsgate mazes its obvious more time and money has been spent with this maze. With various reviews of this maze online saying its just like the Carnival of Scream that Alton Towers used to have we can thankfully say its nothing like it. The Big Top is a great scare maze and we cant wait to see how this maze develops over the years if it stays. 


New for 2015 Containment see’s guests enter the ultimate timed escape scare maze experience. For an extra charge of £10 you enter the experience in groups of ten and navigate your way through 4 chambers. The experience involves problem solving to work out a code to put into a pin pad to open the door for the next room. Inspired by many of the UK’s nightmares this experience will have you on edge! Will you find the antidote to spreading infection? If so you will be given a green band on completion which says “Breakout” or a red one that says “Outbreak” When going around the rest of the mazes in the park it is believed that if you have the red band on show that you will experience a more intense maze experience.

We’ve experienced Containment a few times now and once again the theming throughout the attraction is amazing. Containment is definitely a great addition to the Fright Nights line up however it would have been better if the park could some how change the codes every time so that every experience in the attraction is different. Although this could prove quite hard to program it would make the attraction re-ridable. However the problems that lie within the maze are very clever! For example in one of the rooms there are roman numerals on the wall and you have to work out what order to put them in.  The attraction also seems to have references to WC16 Thorpe Parks new attraction for 2016 in it. For those trying to find it we have photographed it below: 

Cabin In The Woods:

Cabin in the Woods is back again for 2015 and is still one of the best mazes on park! In a maze where you can pick which route you go the maze is riddled with hidden rooms and actors lurking in the shadows. Will you make it to the control room and mess with other people experiences? Add more smoke or turn the lights off the decision is in your hands. Cabin In The Woods definitely has the strongest cast this year with all of the actors always being in character and very energetic. Located next to the Slammer Cabin In The Woods is a must do this halloween. 

Saw Alive:

Jig Saw is back again and wants to play a game! We where lucky enough to experience the maze back in June for Scarecon 2015 which saw the maze be flooded with actors and to our surprise the maze is still flooded with actors this halloween. Winding through the corridors of the old Thorpe Park Bell boat your come face to face with some of saws victims and his traps. Will you make it out alive or become another one of his victims. Saw Alive has been around now for quite a few years and it would be nice to have something new next year as the maze hasn't changed at all since it being built back in 2010. 

My Bloody Valentine:

Harry Warden is back and is haunting Hanninger mines yet again! However this year the maze has been relocated to near Zodiac. Keep an eye out for Harry as he is lurking in the shadows ready for his next victim. Due to the space of the area the shipping container that had the hospital scene in it has been lost due to there not being enough space. This maze is the weakest in the line up in our opinion due to the long corridors and large group sizes the actors can't get to the whole of your group without being noticed. Unlike other mazes where they can use actor runs to get from one side to the other in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately we think this is the weakest maze of them all this year.

The Blair Witch Project:

The Blair Witch Project originally opened in 2013 and received mixed reviews however in 2014 the park added audio to accompany the walkthrough. This year the park has done the same again and in our view completely revamped the maze! The new audio features actors shouting names and calling out stuff. Rather than having just background noise its almost like the music interacts with the maze. With the walkthrough using its natural surroundings the maze feels a lot more natural now and feels like you really are walking in the middle of no where. The actors in the maze aren’t afraid to get up in your face and some of them have some great hiding spaces to jump out on people. 

Face It Alone 2015 Edition:

For an extra charge of £15 per person you can experience one of the four mazes on your own where there are no restrictions and no one will be there holding your hand. Back in 2013 when this was first brought out the experience was terrifying when we did it in the asylum however last year we left feeling a little disappointed. However this year the tables have turned again and the face it alone’s are more terrifying than ever! You don't know what maze your going to be experiencing until on the day where you have to spin the wheel of misfortune to decide your fate. In half term pre selected dates have a maze for face it alone so the wheel of misfortune is not used. Without spoiling what happens inside the maze you will be going through on your own and the maze will last considerably longer than normal. We couldn't recommend this experience enough! 

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