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Island Beats

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Thorpe Park

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New for Summer 2015 at Thorpe Park Resort, Island Beats brings late night ride openings and headline acts to the park on selected dates in July and August. With acts ranging from Little Mix, The Vamps and Professor Green there’s something for everyone! Headline acts playing on the Lost City stage require an extra entry ticket however free live music is playing everyday on the Amity Cove stage. 

With many acts to choose from we chose to see Rizzle Kicks and report back to you give you an impression of what it was like to be there! Tickets ranged from an extra £10 on top of your normal ticket for general admission standing or £100 for the VIP Concert package that included admission into the park, meal deal, VIP area, VIP concert admission with the best view possible and VIP entrance into the event.

With the sun beaming down on the park on the hottest day of the year so far re-rides on Tidal Wave and Loggers Leap were a must do to stay nice and cool. With queues for all rollercoasters and attractions being nice and short there was no excuses not to do everything. For guests worried about looking their best later on in the evening, Headmasters, a hair dressing salon, were set up in the dome for a quick retouch up to your hair styles. Combined with over 30 thrilling rides and attractions, Island Beats is the perfect way to finish off the day.

Free music is performed daily at the Amity Cove stage with new up and coming artists provided by the Showcase Live group. Main headliners at Island Beats were The Vamps, Little Mix, Ella Eyre, Stereo Kicks, Sigma DJ Set, Rizzle Kicks, Professor Green, Rixton, Wilkinson, DJ Fresh, Conor Maynard and Union J.

7pm came and it was time to experience Rizzle Kicks Live! Warm up acts for the evening were George Pelham, a soloist and The Parades.  Both warmed up the crowd and got everyone on their feet before Rizzle Kicks took to the stage playing there most famous songs such as Mama do the Hump, Down with the Trumpets and many more they had the crowd and us wanting more!  Along with singing, dancing and even coming into the crowd at one point, they had the crowd on their feet the whole time singing and raving along to their songs.

The boys explained this was there only gig of the summer and it really felt like they put everything into their time on stage. The connection they had with the crowd really made the evening special!  It seemed that people had come across from the whole of the UK to see them live. Possibly even a little further as two guests had signs saying they had come all the way from Switzerland to see Rizzle Kicks. The atmosphere was electric and it seems like everyone loved it!

With a few weeks left of Island Beats we would definitely recommend this event to anyone that’s thinking about going!  Summer Nights also runs alongside Island Beats which allows guests to ride the rides only as a separate ticket with no concert access. Tickets can be brought from the Thorpe Park website. We certainly look forward to next year to see if the park will re-run this event as it would appear that this has been a success and the crowds seem to love it.

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