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Fantasy Island - Fear Island II

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Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells, Skegness is in the second year of its Halloween event Fear Island. This year it has expanded the number of mazes from two to three, and have also introduced a circus show called Circus of Screams (which sadly we didn't have time to experience).

The whole park is decorated for Halloween and looks great, and they also have numerous actors roaming around including Black Jack the pirate and the Fantasy Island Phantoms, who also have their own shows inside the pyramid throughout the day providing a great event for families as well as those wanting something a little scarier...
To provide that aspect of the event this year they have one returning maze, and two new mazes in their lineup...

Temple of Terror
Replacing last year’s Dark Waters maze inside the pyramid, Temple of Terror takes you into an ancient Aztec temple, where you’ll meet disciples of the snake god ‘Coco Kahn’. Like all the mazes at Fantasy Island, this is a fairly theatrical experience with the majority of the maze including an actor in a set scene, with very little of the maze taking place in a more traditional ‘scare’ maze setting, although at one point you are made to choose one of two paths which then leads to a very dark section with a couple of scares. The actors in the Temple were great, really into their roles, especially the man in the first room setting up the story and sending you into the temple.
Temple of Terror is a definite improvement over last year’s Dark Waters, being helped by the removal of the hooded section, but it still seems a little on the short side with a bit of an abrupt ending, although less abrupt than last years. Our journey through the Temple of Terror was very enjoyable!

Psycho Mansion II: Possessed
The one returning maze to the event is the impressively themed Psycho Mansion. Unlike the other mazes, this is a travelling fair style model, which allows for a fairly elaborate, multi-story maze. Throughout the maze, you meet numerous inhabitants of the house, who again play their role and elaborate on the story as you progress through the mansion. Unfortunately, some of the set pieces were not functioning on our run through, like the Haunted Mansion-esque stretching room and last years finale, lift decent into hell, which has been repurposed into a final scare room.
Psycho Mansion is still good scare experience, but after last years impressive hell lift ending, this year felt a little muted. However, the scare that takes place within the end room is still very effective and a very clever effect.

The last maze is a new maze in a new location this year, finding it’s home in the now abandoned Burger King building. Carnivhell is Fantasy Island’s entry into the clown/circus genre, and it is a fairly unique variant compared to other mazes we’ve experienced. We encountered a Ring Master, conjoined twins, circus freaks and a very friendly bearded lady who was running the kissing booth, who all, like in the other mazes spent time fulfilling their role instead of just scaring you while you moved past which makes the maze very memorable.
Carnivhell is a fun addition to Fear Island line up, with some great characters, who made it a unique experience that we won't forget in a hurry.

Fear Island has been a fun event again this year the expanded line up and more established entertainment has really improved the offerings, and of course, the parks rides make it a great day out.

What we love about the mazes at Fear Island is the interaction you get with every single one of the actors within the mazes, all of which are on top form! Thinking about the mazes after visiting the event I can remember my time with every actor we met and it is a real compliment to all the team involved who made the mazes at Fear Island a more personal experience than most of the mazes we have seen this year.

Thanks to Fantasy Island for their hospitality, if you are thinking about visiting the Fear Island II event, it runs until 4th November, which is also the last day of the main 2018 season. Prices for the mazes are £5 per person on the Fantasy Island iCard, or are all included on the Fear Island wristbands for around £19 when booked online.

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