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Zombie Hunt

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Thorpe Park

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New for Summer 2018, Zombie Hunt an interactive walkthrough where brave guests walked down the old railway line of Canada Creek Railway in hunt of zombies. Equipped with a laser blaster you hunted down zombies and eradicated them before another epidemic. 

Zombie Hunt was a timed ticket event. Tickets could be pre-booked online or got at the entrance of the attraction at the beginning of the day. 

Open from 21st July until 4th September the attraction. The attraction was free and you got was really good! In groups of 6 people, you would walk down the path with your laser guns shooting any Zombies you saw and any yellow boxes.

Walking through the attraction you came across Zombies where brave guests had to shoot them with their laser blaster, music would play in certain scenes to set the mood. The finale to the experience was a zombie with a chainsaw to chase you out of the attraction. 

This was the first time Thorpe Park had done an attraction like this and we think they pulled it off really well. With a few tweaks here and there we think this could work as a Fright Nights attraction. One of the issues was the guns felt a little pointless at times where there weren’t any actors or anything going on. What would be cool is if when you hit a target it would trigger an effect.

We look forward to seeing how this Zombie Hunt idea progresses over the next few years.

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