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Colossus VIP

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Thorpe Park

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Walking up the lift hill of a rollercoaster is something that doesn’t happen very often however Thorpe Park have introduced VIP extras where you can pay £50 per person to walk up one of the following lift hills; Colossus, The Swarm or Nemesis Inferno.

For the price you pay you get a really cool experience, harnessed up you walk to the top of the hill where your able to take photos and relax for a while whilst talking to your host. When we’ve done them in the past we spent around an hour at the top of Colossus looking at Derren Browns Ghost Train when it was being built geeking out with our hosts.  Some people might be put off by the high price but we can’t recommend this enough!

As you can see from the photos below you get to see everything from the op booth to the lift hill mechanism. Something you don’t normally get to see when your racing up the lift hill. However both pretty cool!

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