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Final Call At Thorpe Junction

Date Posted:

Saturday 23rd April 2016


Thorpe Junction is almost ready for its first passengers on board Derren Browns Ghost Train. With less than 2 weeks to go until 6th May opening date excitement is building with more work on the outside happening during the day.

In the past week the park have put up three signs in the area advertising the ride saying, “Entrance this way”. During the day today a Merlin Magic Making and Simworx van kept on visiting the site. We expect the Merlin Magic Making van was delivering more theming for the ride. However the sinworx van could have been for the Angry Birds 4D theatre?

The metal entrance sign had more work done to it today with a back being put on the back of the sign. Whilst taking photos of the sign the workers commented and said “Come back in a few days time and it will be lit up from the inside”. Sounds like were going to be getting an illuminated sign! 

In the queue line of the ride there are two buildings you enter, both look different and unique. On the outside of the building a new message has been painted on the wall saying “Loading and unloading this way” with an arrow pointing towards the entrance. In the queue line more workers where adding more theming in the form of fake supports on the metal beams. Photographed below two workers started on one side as we walked past to go in the Ghost Train shop and by the time we had come out they had started work on the other side of the support. No expense is being spared with this ride! 

The Ghost Train shop appears to have new things in it every time we visit! Newly featured since our last visit, a backwards clock has been added to the wall. Note, other clocks in the shop are normal. More heads in glass jars have been added along with yet another creepy doll head used in the rides promotional material. On exit of the shop theres a guest survey point asking people “Whats on your mind?” during the survey it asks how your day was going and what you thought of the shop and the new area. 

The next time we visit the park we will be riding Derren Browns Ghost Train… Bring on 6th May

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