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Departing Soon...

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Saturday 16th April 2016


Opening in 19 days time Derren Browns Ghost Train will reinvent the ghost train for the 21st century. Opening on 6th May 2016 progress is strong and there have been many changes since our last visit to the park. The entrance sign appears to be undergoing yet more work as the blue background to the sign seems to be exposed. We believe that this could mean the sign could have an illuminated background. Which in the dark will look amazing! The “train carriage” outside the maintenance bay has now been covered in white tarpaulin where we expect the park will get the car inside the building and begin testing the special effects on the train. 

Work on the queue line appears to be strong with the queue line shop / old drinks kiosk now being themed. Also new since our last visit, posters are being added to the queue with slogans such as “The money tastes funny” “Fracking affects everyone” and many others. We’re sure will make sense after you've been on the ride. These posters appear to be covering up writing on the building. During the queue you appear to go through a building with a “TV” screen inside it. On the outside of this building theres been artwork added to it saying, “Sexton & Monmton & Dee Phillips Rivets”

Inside the ghost train shop more items have been added to the shelfs ranging from more heads in glasses and a creepy doll face that was used in the pr stunt on the tube a few weeks ago. After you exit the ride you will have your 2 ride photos presented to you on some retro looking TV screens. The shelfs above the screens have had items added to them as well over the past 2 weeks. The “Maestro” fortune teller has also been cloned with a second one added in the dome. 

The big question on everyones minds (even staff) is what the window is for in the shop. We’ve seen builders poke there heads through looking into the area but no one seems to know what it could be for! It could be awaiting another animatronic, a viewing window when you get into the window or queue to get onto the ride or the exit stairs? Only time will tell. 

It looks amazing so far and we cant wait to get on the ride in a few weeks time!

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