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Ghost Train Progress Update March 2016

Date Posted:

Thursday 31st March 2016


Derren Browns Ghost Train will shortly be arriving at Thorpe Junction, however much is still to be done before the ride is unveiled to the public on Friday 6th May 2016. 

Upon entry into the park, advertising for the ride has stepped up a gear with new queue line banners added to the fences advertising Thorpe Park Annual Pass’s and adverts for Derren Browns Ghost Train.

The Ghost Train Shop opened prior to the ride opening and opened on Friday 25th March, the shop is heavily themed and in our opinion sets the standard for the future of ride shops in Merlin theme parks. Since the shop opened last Friday many improvements have been made. The themed lights hanging in the shop are now working and the lights flicker.

The entrance sign for the ride appears to have had some work done to it with a blue backdrop added to it. 

Scenic painters appear to be adding finishing touches to the outside of the building with grey paint being added on the queue line and facade making the building look old and dated. Workers also seem to be running cables on the outside of the building for what we expect could be queue line TV’s. 

Whilst queueing for the ride we expect there will be a queue line photo opportunity and we think work has started on this under the sheltered queue line. The room photographed below could just be a briefing room or part of the pre show however there seems to be a lot of cables in one room just for a TV.

Trains for the ride are also still sat outside the maintenance bay under tarpaulin. We expect these will move inside in the next few days ready for the ride to start testing?

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