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Tomb Blaster Awakens

Date Posted:

Thursday 11th February 2016


Over the past two years Tomb Blaster hasn't been feeling its best with the ride experiencing a few technical problems. Sometimes sections of the ride wouldn't work with the guns and turn the attraction back into a ghost train temporary. However all of this will become a thing of the past with what Chessington has planned for the ride this year.

During the closed season this year £800,000 is being spent restoring the ride with a brand new target system being installed. Similar to the system at Legoland Windsor on Laser Raiders the new system has been designed by the Sally Cooperation.

We where lucky enough to be invited by Chessington Buzz on a behind the scenes of Tomb Blaster a few weeks ago and we were amazed at the amount of work going on inside the building. With scaffolding up everywhere the ride was a hard hat zone. Over the past few years it had seemed as if the park had given up on the ride however this closed season its obvious how much the park really cares about its rides with the amount of work going on inside Tomb Blaster. When the ride reopens this season it will feature new targets, refurbished trains, new lighting throughout the attraction and a new audio and effects control system. 

Chessington have said they want to make the ride darker and more atmospheric. UV paint has been added to the sets and in our opinion has completely changed how everything looks. The park really are bringing this ride back into the 21st century by investing in it and changing the guns and technology throughout the ride. Work isn't just happening in the ride! In the station area effects such as the colour of the eyes of the mummy’s on the walls have changed and sections of the station have been painted.

At the entrance to the ride, the queue line metal structure was in the process of being painted and the lions that sit at the front of the queue line have been cleaned up ready to be repainted. Not only is the ride receiving extensive maintenance but the ride will also receive a brand new logo! The ride will reopen March 2016 along with the rest of the park. We are excited to see the final product! Please bare in mind these photos where taken January 14th so work on the ride will have progressed since the photos being taken. 

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