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WC16 Announcement Prediction

Date Posted:

Sunday 25th October 2015


The count down on the WC16 website is almost over! Thorpe Park have  announced on their Facebook page that at 9am tomorrow morning there will be an announcement. Over the past few weeks rumours have been going around about the ride theme and we have decided to put our view out there of what we think the theme of the ride could be. 

All the evidence we've found over the past few hours all seems to point to Derren Brown. Back in October 2012 Thorpe Park tweeted our “Does Derren Brown’s Apocalypse remind anyone of #Experiment10 at #FrightNights??” This might have meant nothing back then however Derren Brown has been tweeting a lot recently about “working for 3 years on something new & different, not TV or stage; a world first” It is believed that WC16 will be a words first and it seems strange that three years ago would match up with the tweet Thorpe Park sent out. 

And again on social media Friday night and yesterday morning Thorpe Park sent out a photo of 5 actors stood on the bridge at the park all standing like Scarecrows. Then on Saturday morning Derren Brown posted a photo on Twitter saying “Something new is brewing, Derren Brown 2015, Choccy Dusting on coffee” This might mean nothing but the pattern on the coffee matches that the actors are doing. 

Let the count down begin, in less than 24 hours it would appear all will be revealed. 

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