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WC16 Teaser Shirts On Sale!

Date Posted:

Sunday 11th October 2015


Theres a dark secret coming and you’ll be out of your mind to miss it! Spotted in the Thorpe Park Mega Store at Amity Cove the park have begun to sell Minds Wanted 2016 Teaser T-Shirts for £15 each. There are currently three designs. One with the WC16 eye on it, metal cogs and a white shirt with hands on it. Thorpe Park’s next attraction will be “A journey that will wrench you from your cosy everyday existence into a warped new reality. We’ll take you to a place where nothing is ever as it seems and nobody who visits will ever see things the same way again. An experience designed to challenge your perceptions and mean you’ll never look just once again.” 

Keep your eyes and mind open, don’t take all you see on appearances alone and you could be one of the first to experience The Island’s newest attraction in 2016.

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