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WC16 The Mystery Continues

Date Posted:

Sunday 27th September 2015


WC16, the mystery continues as yet more of the structure is put up and more clues are posted on the minds wanted website. The structure surrounding the pit looks to almost be complete with the first section of what we think will become the shop being built. The roof over the pit has been started with two of the roof beams in place. It would appear that the pit room will be cut off from the rest of the building and will be access via three doors? In the structure facing towards Nemesis Inferno there are three double door size cut outs. Although nothing has been confirmed by the park we think that the theme might be loosely based around the London Underground. Possibly a trackless ride like Ratatouille at Disneyland Paris or maybe something similar to Duel at Alton Towers. Only time will tell but one things for sure, we wont find out until open day next year. 

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