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Fright Nights 2015 Construction Update

Date Posted:

Sunday 13th September 2015


Fright Nights are back and is set to be the scariest ever! With all mazes back from last year with the exception of studio 13 its all hands on deck to get the park ready. Fright Nights kicks off on 9th October and runs on 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24 October – 1 November. Open from 10am - 10pm theres no excuse not to do everything.

My Bloody Valentine is back for 2015 however in a different location due to the space in the arena being used to build WC16. This year the location of the maze will be outside the crust with the entrance for the maze near vortex and zodiac. The shipping containers have been put in place and it would appear scruffy dog are back to make a few modifications to the maze. 

The Blair Witch Project walkthrough experience is set to make a return for this year however no obvious work has started yet. The building at the end of the maze was removed in March time however a replacement hasn't been put up yet. With the construction site using that path for access its currently unknown if the walk through will be in the same place. 

The Cabin in the Woods makes a return for the third year in a row. Winner of the best halloween scare attraction at “Scars 2014” we can’t wait to see what the park has done with this maze this year. Apart from a few new wood chipping's outside nothing appears to be going on with the maze. However were sure over the next few weeks activity on site will increase. 

Saw Alive The Maze is back and jigsaw wants to play another game. The maze opened earlier in the year for a private scare event and the maze changed slightly. Outside the maze the entrance is sporting a brand new sign saying that the maze will return for fright nights. 

New for 2015 The Big Top will be located on Amity Beach. The beach closed on Monday for preparations for the maze to commence and since the beach closing the sheds have all been removed and the beach has started to be drained. A shipping container has appeared in the corner of the beach near the wet wet wet slides. We suspect that the new maze could span both sides of the beach going under the bridge to access each section. 

Previously used as space for theming for the swarm the fire truck has been removed and two big shipping containers have been added for a new fight nights attraction. The outside of the attraction looks to us very similar to the old freezer maze that used to be where the asylum was. No information is currently known about this attraction however it is suspected that it will involved escaping under timed conditions and will be called Breakout. 

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