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Project WC16 From Above!

Date Posted:

Monday 7th September 2015


With WC16’s foundations complete, work can now continue to finish constructing the shell of the building. Work has progressed well since our last update with more metal girders put in place towards the back of the site. Once section of the building that has taken our eye is the heavily reinforced metal girder facing nemesis inferno. It suggests to us that this will have something attached to it that will be load bearing. 

For this update we took to the sky and had a coaster climb of Colossus. From the height of 30m it became clear how big this project really is! Whatever the park are building it has a lot of space to cover. The tunnel in the other building has started to be cladded with what appears to be white plastic. Our VIP hosts for the lift hill walk both talked about how they didn't know anything about it but couldn't wait to see what it is. Stairs have been added into the pit at two entrances one near bush bbq restaurant and the other near the crane. We look forward to seeing what Thorpe Park are building!

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