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Foundations Complete For WC16

Date Posted:

Friday 28th August 2015


Volunteer your mind for a journey like no other coming to Thorpe Park Resort in 2016. Work on the new attraction looks to have been steady over the past few days with the final section of foundations complete. Judging by the history of the project, the rest of the building should start going up in the next few days. We suspect that over the next two weeks the whole site will look very different. 

Inside the section of building already built work has continued on what we believe will become a tunnel? It is still unknown what the attraction will be however we are sure it wont be an immersive tunnel experience which seems to be a big rumour going around at the moment. Banners surrounding the construction area have been changed form saying the island has a dark secret to posters of an eye and the website All photos taken from public areas. 

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