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Proposed Changes To Air

Date Posted:

Tuesday 11th August 2015


Proposed changes to Air at Alton Towers have been submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands planning website changing sections of the station and adding theming to the Air tunnel. It is currently unknown if the ride will be rethemed or renamed however at the moment all Air merchandise in the shops have been reduced in price. 

According to the plans walls will be constructed on either side of the station matching the same materials previously used on the station. These walls look to be the start of a new “pre-show platform” In the main ride area partitions will be put in dividing each row. Two new bits of theming will be added to the ride, the first will be in the tunnel and the second will be free standing located by the current seating area in the plaza. 

The theming being added to the tunnel looks to be creating a polo effect where riders will ascend through a circler object. No more details of the project have been announced yet however it sounds like if it goes ahead the ride wont be opening for February half term next year. We cant wait to see how this develops in the next few months.

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