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WC16 Goes Vertical

Date Posted:

Thursday 6th August 2015


A lot can change within a week and that has been proven by the WC16 building site this week. On Monday news broke that construction had gone vertical and within the past 5 days it looks as if the shell of the building has almost been completed. With this section of the building being the smallest in height we where still shocked of how tall this section is in person. 

Inside the building there appears to be the start of what we think could be a projection room with curved pieces of metal being bolted together to form a large chamber. The building currently appears to have been separated into two sections, the larger left hand side with the curved metal chamber and the right which doesn't have anything special in it yet. Down towards the other end of the site work has been done around the pit for more foundations to be laid and poured over the next few weeks. We believe that in the space between now and two weeks time the rest of the building will shoot up, judging by how fast this section has been erected. 

Marketing for the attraction has started with the launch of a mini site for the attraction. “THE ISLAND’S DARK SECRET WILL GET INSIDE YOUR HEAD. IT WILL DISTORT YOUR REALITY. YOU’LL BE OUT OF YOUR MIND TO MISS IT..” The website doesn't currently have much on it however on the homepage theres a macro video of an eye blinking along with a sign up page for news on the attraction.

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