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Project WC16 Update

Date Posted:

Saturday 25th July 2015


Project WC16 at Thorpe Park Resort is progressing well with the pit and floor space of the building now outlined with metal rebar ready for concrete to be poured in the next few days (we suspect). With today being a Saturday we didn't expect to see any work going on, however around 5 builders where on site today adding more rebar into the pit. At the moment it isn't very obvious what the attraction could be however we believe that the pit could hold the ride servers and plant machinery. Scattered around the site there is still lots more metal rebar to be added until the foundations are complete. We suspect that in a months time we will see the rides foundations finished and start having the outside of the building go up.

We don't believe that the park are going to build the ride in visual site. We think the building will go up first then the ride will be carefully constructed behind closed doors to keep everything secret from the general public and us enthusiasts. No more marketing has begun yet however we believe that once the Island Beats event is complete that marketing will be plastered across the whole of the park about the new attraction. An opening date for the attraction hasn't been mentioned yet however we still think Thorpe Park have a good chance of getting the ride up and running for March next year. 

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