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Ride Construction Update

Date Posted:

Saturday 11th July 2015


Foundations for WC16 at Thorpe Park are progressing nicely with a large pit in the middle of the site appearing over the past few weeks. Since our last update a few weeks ago the edges of the pit have been outlined with wood and have started to be bricked up. Concrete supports drilled into the ground appear to be finished around the site with the large pillar drill now gone.  

It is still unknown what the attraction will be however we think that it will be an indoor rollercoaster of some type. It is highly unlikely that we will know the full details on the attraction until open day. No more marketing for the attraction has been released yet however we believe that it will begin after the Island Beats event. The hype around this new ride with theme park enthusiasts is just what the park wants. Keeping us guessing till the last minute! Photos taken from public areas and Storm Surge with the permission of the Ride Attendants. 

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