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Big Six Challenge Promotion

Date Posted:

Monday 4th May 2015


PLEASE NOTE: Due to an incident with the Smiler this promotion is now longer running. 

Alton Towers will be offering guests the change to gain a free return over the next few months with the promotion called the big six challenge. The challenge is simple! All you have to do is ride all six rollercoasters in one day and take a selfie and check in at each ride exit. The promotion will run from 1st May - 30th September 2015. Guests must download an app from their Android or Apple devices to participate in the challenge. If complete you get given a wrist band that will allow you back into the park latter on in the season. 

On the 4th May 2015 we attempted the challenge and succeeded! Photos of the checkin points can be found below. IT would seem that the promotion is being heavily advertised around the park with a big banner when you drive into the park and posters in Towers Street. 

Photo Gallery: