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WC16 Station Supports?

Date Posted:

Saturday 27th June 2015


Work is picking up pace at Thorpe Park Resort for WC16 with foundation support rods being drilled into the ground. Since our last visit it would seem the drilling of supports has continued along with the forming of what we believe will become the ride station. However this could just be the starting of lining the outline of the building. Down the edges of the site so far there is a large trench that we believe is having pipes put in for drainage purposes. 

More sand and dirt has been placed towards the front of the site near the games stall in Amity Cove restricting people looking into the site. With the construction site being a hive of activity recently were sure work is going to progress nicely over the next few months! Looking back a year its strange to think this was just a bit of disused space sitting there unused. Photos taken on Storm Surge with permission of Ride Operator. 

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