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Foundation Preparations For WC16

Date Posted:

Saturday 13th June 2015


It would appear that work on WC16 is about to step up another gear at Thorpe Park Resort. In the past week more yellow pegs have been added around the site and a large drill has moved back on site ready to drill the holes for foundations to be poured. A cement mixer without wheels has been added to the side of the site ready for work to begin during the week. At the front of the cement mixer we have what we believe to be the first of the footers for the attraction. Last week we reported seeing a truck of metal rebar next to Nemesis Inferno, this truck has now been emptied and stacks of rebar have been placed around the site. 

A large pile of dirt is slowly forming towards the front of the site, however it is currently unknown why? We believe it could be to stop people from looking into the site however there are easier ways to do that! It is believed that over the next 3 or 4 weeks the rebar placed around the site will lay the floor space the attraction will take up. Then work on constructing the building framework can begin. 

No more marketing for the attraction has started yet, however were still only mid season with more important events currently going on, theres still plenty of time for marketing to properly begin. Work appears to be progressing nicely and we cant wait to see the progress over the next few weeks! 

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