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Rebar Spotted

Date Posted:

Sunday 7th June 2015


Work on WC16 is progressing with a truck full of rebar spotted along the Nemesis Inferno maintenance road. New parking spaces have also been temporary marked out near where the shed from the blare witch project was. It is believed that these will be for the workers over the next few months. 

The floor of the arena appears to be ready for foundations to be poured. Metal pegs with yellow flags on top have been placed around the work site, it is believed that these pegs will be the location for where the rebar will go or for footers to be poured.  

It seems unlikely that the ride will have foundations that are dug into the ground as the army of diggers that where on site last week have gone, leaving only a few left on site. When talking to someone in the building industry he noticed that the surface of the site was covered in “scalpings” a material often used before foundations are poured. More news and construction updates to come in the next few weeks.  

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