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WC16 Ground Works Continue

Date Posted:

Thursday 28th May 2015


Work is progressing nicely on WC16 with ground works fully underway. Sheets of metal are being put in the ground to prevent the shrouding ground form falling in. At the moment there isn't much of a pit however we believe these sheets of metal will soon outline the outline of what will become the building.

A pump has been added into the centre of the building site which is draining water from what used to be the diving pool. Previously covered over so no one fell in it, it would appear that the diving pool has become water logged and now requires a pump to drain it 24/7. The output from the pump goes thorough the Colossus queue line and into the lake under the Colossus loop. Little bridges have been added in the Colossus queue line whilst the pump's hoses are still in use. Signs have been put out near Slammer and near the entrance of I'm A Celebrity giving alternative routes for when the maintenance gates have been opened so building work can continue when the park is open. We believe that the pit will be fully dug out by late August time with the building starting to be put up by Fright Nights.

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