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Thorpe Park 2015 Season Begins

Date Posted:

Saturday 14th March 2015


Thorpe Park has opened its doors once again for another year of thrill’s and spills! With the Carousel closing at the end of last year and a new attraction opening in just 2 weeks time, the park is well underway on making the final perorations to “I’M A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Maze” and removing the carousel. 

The Carousel started to be being removed on Thursday when the park opened to the public however over the past few days work has progressed well with all of the horses and ride platforms removed. Over the course of the day all of the supports for the ride have been removed leaving the central motor house the only thing left standing. We believe that the whole ride will be gone by this time next weekend! 

Signage for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has been spotted today with the “I’M A Celebrity” section of the name spotted on bits of wood on the floor with silver glitter for the letters. We believe the signs will be put on the roof of the Showcase venue, the queue line is also processing well with more painted wood for the queue spotted on site. The exit for the attraction looks to end with a tunnel down into the Nemesis Inferno shop which has been given a makeover with bark for the floor and a range of I’m A Celebrity merchandise for sale in the Nemesis shop. 

Slammer and Samurai have both had there fair share of problems over the past few years however both rides have been fully stripped down over the closed season! When speaking to an engineer today he confirmed that both rides should be open by Easter and that lots of work has been done to both rides! Slammer is currently being finished being put back together with the rides restraints currently in boxes outside the ride. When we asked him do they have to go back together in a certain order he explained that each restraint is connected to a computer by fibre optic cables so each restraint has a certain position on the ride. 

Following Saw The Ride having a few problems on the Annual Pass weekend Thorpe Park have been hard at work fixing the ride over the past few days and today the ride opened to the public! Along with Tidal Wave which was testing all day on Friday. For those of you thinking, who's mad enough to go on Tidal Wave. The ride always had the boats full, every ride! Neptune’s Beach has been renamed to Amity Beach with a new sign made for the beach along with the water areas sand blasted ready to be repainted.

Signs at the entrance telling people where to go have been added, advertising an entrance for Annual Pass Holder and Wheelchairs and pushchairs. In the Sweets and Souvenirs shop new Colossus merchandise has been spotted with what we believe is a geek reference on it. On the new merchandise it says Super Looper 02, the 02 part stands for the rides opening year which was 2002. Along with the new Colossus merchandise a new Thorpe Park Resort mug has been launched. A park silhouette has been added to the large 1 pint mug’s, yours for only £10! 

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