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Legoland Windsor Park Changes 2015

Date Posted:

Tuesday 10th March 2015


On 7th and 8th March 2015 Legoland Windsor Resort Opened its doors for its Friends and Family day. With the park closed for 4 months its apparent when walking around that lots of work has been done! From new toilets installed around the park to areas being repainted and refitted. Driving into the park, new flags had been fitted advertising Heartlake City and Lego City. Along with a brand Legoland Windsor Resort sign! The new sign fits in with the new Legoland Resort branding and has a red glow effect behind the Legoland text.

This year sees Lego City previously known as My Town get rethemed into “Heartlake City” an area themed around the popular franchise LEGO Friends. Along with the changes to the Lego City area the area previously known as Traffic has been given a makeover with all of the attractions given a new lease of life and a major face lift. 

Previously known as Boating School, Coastguard HQ is a newly refurbished attraction that allows children and adults to drive a boat. Weaving in-between other boats the attraction has been refitted with new Lego models and interactive elements such as water bubbles coming up from the ground and water squirting elephants. Complete with a brand new entrance and tower, Coastguard HQ looks amazing from the outside and we cant wait to ride it when it opens on Friday! Lego City Driving School has had lots of work done to it over the closed season with new models fitted throughout the course. The entrance for the Driving School has also been moved with the new entrance being next to the photo collection point. The briefing area for the ride has also been inclosed with a new flat screen tv fitted in the attraction telling children some basic road skills and what the pedal does. 

L-Drivers is much the same as it used to be, but has been repainted to fit in with the fresh look of the area. Fire Academy is looking fresh and up to date again with new graphics on the walls that you squirt with water guns. With a new entrance sign it would appear that the tower has been cleaned up over the past few months! However Balloon School doesn't appear to have had any changes done it. The new Lego City area is looking new and fresh! 

Heartlake City is due to open fully May 2015, with the whole area repainted and the stunt show area looking brand new it looks to be an exciting season at Legoland! One of the most noticeable changes is the Lighthouse with brand new lights attached to it, we expect that these will have something to do with the Lego Friends show? The harbour has had lots of work done it it during the closed season such as repainting the lighthouse and new effects added, we believe that the Lego Friends show with have new water effects as new pipes and water effect nozzles have been added into the lake. 

On the map three attractions have a coming soon description next to them on the map, two of these we already know what they are, the train and the Heartlake Shopping Mall however number 33 which we believe is a track ride has coming soon over it. Behind the text we can see green track which looks a little bit like the Kobra at Chessington, could Legoland Windsor be getting a similar ride to what Legoland Florida have received for their Lego Friends area? This attraction will replace Digger Challenge. 

Other changes around the park include the XBOX Gaming Zone being moved to the Imagination Centre area. The gaming zone has been made bigger and is complete with two XBOX One consoles and XBOX 360's along with recent LEGO games. The pirate band in Pirate Shores has had lots of work done to it over the closed season with all the models now working again and a new floor and fences being fitted. The entrance modal for Knights Kingdom of the man on a horse fighting the Dragon has had its trees chopped down and replaced by some small bush’s. A small change but it makes the area look very different! Inside the Dragon ride, the dragon animatronic is moving again and its smoke effect has also been fixed. 

Vikings River Splash appears to have lost a piece of its theming over the closed season with three of the mammoth tusks removed from the mammoth tusk tunnel just before the on ride photo. Dino Safari’s entrance sign has been moved to the ground upon walking past the ride the entrance posts that the sign was hung on have been cut down? With lots of work happening around the park miniland hasn't escaped without having some changes done, the NASA exhibit has new water along with some new models.

Legoland Windsor Resort defiantly looks like its going to have its best year for a while with the park looking fresh again and Heartlake City opening in a few month’s time. We look forward to bring you more updates about the park over the next few months!

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