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Towers Fireworks Preparations

Date Posted:

Tuesday 4th November 2014


Preparations for the Alton Towers 2014 fireworks display are well underway with audio being played around the area on Sunday evening. The Towers have been decorated with multi coloured lights again with moving lights being positioned around the lawn in-front of the towers. The event will run from Friday 7th until Sunday 9th November with the last day of the season being the Sunday. For the past few years every  show has brought something new and it would appear that this years show with be heavily themed around story telling again. Two huge water screens have been set up in the lake in-front of the towers which look set to be projected onto with visuals to go with the show. 

V.I.P seating for the show has now started to be erected on a raised platform to get the best view. (For an extra cost.)  In the exclusive clip of audio below we can confirm that the park will be bringing back “The Gatekeeper”  and will be borrowing some more of your Alton Towers memories. The 17 second clip features the gatekeeper saying “Your individual thoughts will form the building blocks and the darkness shall be the canvas. To the corrective sorcery of the mind.” 

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