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Thorpe Park Release Plans For 2016 Ride

Date Posted:

Thursday 30th October 2014


Today Thorpe Park have released plans via the local council planning website for a new indoor attraction set to open for the 2016 season. Following the removal of the seats in the arena towards the start of FRIGHT NIGHTS the attraction will be built in the space currently occupied by the my bloody valentine maze / the arena. 

The attraction will also see the removal of the Chief Rangers Carousel, it is currently unknown if the ride will be removed from the park or moved. Rumours have been saying that the arena was going to be removed however it is expected that this will be Thorpe Park’s and Merlins biggest investment ever! Very little is known about the attraction however the ride building its self will be very big with a large section of the arena being taken up by the new ride. The ride will have a “unique theme” and will have its own welcome plaza complete with a covered queue line and items around the plaza. We suspect that this will be a dark ride since the building will be completely under cover and according the the plans on the planning website it will be complete with its own shop inside the building. 

More updates about this new attraction when they become public. For those trying to find the plans you need to use Ru.14/1596 as the reference code on the website.

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