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The island changes after dark!

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Sunday 5th October 2014


FRIGHT NIGHT’s begin in just a few days time and the park is almost ready to kick off the event with the Press Night and Merlin Annual pass night being on Thursday 9th October. In todays update we take one last look around the park before visiting the park on the Press Night. Studio 13 hasn't had any more theming added outside however we are hoping that the suited 13 sign outside will get a few spot lights on the sign making it look amazing and just like a movie studio sign. 

Over near the Canada Creek Railway the Blair Witch Project has started work with the emergency lights being added down the route and ferns being added to the fence outlining the route to stop passers by looking in. Rope and signs for the other mazes can also be seen on the platform of the station these will be put out over the course of the next few days. A portable merchandise stand was pulled into position outside the entrance to the Rocky Express with some posters advertising the mazes and arrows to there locations. 

Saw Alive is all set up and ready with the area all cleaned up ready. Cabin in the woods has got some plants outside its entrance like it did last year and is yet to have its banner added above the entrance. None of the other mazes apart from Studio 13 have got any signage yet however this will all be added over the next few days. 

My Bloody Valentine is looking ready with actors in and out of the maze today perfecting their scaring by running up to each other and screaming in each others faces. More speakers have been added outside of the My Bloody Valentine maze hopefully there will all be working this year! 

It would look like the actors are now in the final phase of there training with all of them being on site today walking around getting to know the layout of the park and where the mazes are.  

Its all looking very good this year and we cant wait to see what “The island changes after dark” means. Check out our Facebook page on Thursday evening and Friday for more FRIGHT NIGHT updates LIVE from the park. 

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