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Fright Nights General Update

Date Posted:

Saturday 27th September 2014


FRIGHT NIGHT’s is only 12 days away from the Annual Pass preview night and the park is continuing to get ready for the event. Signs have been added to Studio 13 to the entrance and exit with a banner / sign being built sounding the maze. The park have been previewing photos of the maze on there Instagram and Facebook page over the past few days and we cannot wait to see what the park have done with the maze. 

Work is still continuing on My Bloody Valentine in the arena with all of the shipping containers now being wired up to the console box (this is work that has happened during the week of us not visiting.) The maze once again has speakers in the queue line however last year these weren't being used, hopefully the park will get these up and running this year. Last week we pointed out work on The Blair Witch Project with audio cables being run however this week there hasn't been any obvious activity with the construction of this maze. Cabin In The Woods is yet to have work done to it external however over the past few weeks builders have been moving in a lot of wood into the maze so this could mean that the layout has changed. The work lights for the maze have been turned on today (these can be seen from the X queue line) 

More updates on FRIGHT NIGHT’s very soon…  

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