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Tree Cutting At Thorpe Park

Date Posted:

Monday 22nd September 2014


For the past few years Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari has been SBNO (standing but not operating) however it looks like all of that could be changing very soon! The ride was never taken out and the theming for the ride is still in place and can be seen below. The area has been used as a storage area for the past few years after being fenced off in 2012.

Over the past few weeks the park have been tagging trees around the area with "F111" which we believe are due to be cut down over the closed season. Trees in the ride area of the old Safari ride have been tagged and some have been cut down already as shown by the photos below. The area is already starting to look more different from behind the fence. 

With the Nemesis Inferno shop right next door to the tree cutting area we expect that the shop would be used for the exit of a future attraction if another was to be put in the new land. We expect that most of the work will commence during the closed season when there's more hours for the park to do work however quite a large area has already been cleared. 

If the park was to install a new ride in this area we would hope it would be a woody which would mean the park could use the wood from the area on the ride. Just an idea...

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