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Fright Nights Construction

Date Posted:

Saturday 20th September 2014


Work for Thorpe Parks biggest event Fright Nights is now well underway with mazes being constructed all over the park. All of the mazes will be returning in there normal places with My Bloody Valentine being located in the Arena, Saw Alive being at its usual location, Cabin in the Woods being outside the Slammer entrance, The Blair Witch project being at the Railway entrance in Canada Creek and new for this year Studio 13. 

My Bloody Valentine is currently being set up in the arena with the same shipping container layout as last year. Saw Alive hasn't got any obvious work going on however we hope that the park have made some changes during the past few months. It is believed that this year major work has been done to The Blair Witch Project following the negative reviews it received last year. The park have started to run wires down the path way that the walkthrough follows which appears to be audio cables. Cabin in the Woods has currently got wood outside the entrance meaning that the maze might have a few new rooms this year or a change in the layout. Along with the flood lights being turned on in the old X no way out queue line, meaning that work is being carried out in the rest of the maze? 

Studio 13 is a complete retheme of the previous maze called The Asylum, the queueing area is currently being re-themed with all of the walls and the door being changed to follow the new theme of an audition at a movie set. The photos below don't give this rethemed the justice it deserves as in person the queueing area looks amazing! Along with the exterior change to the entrance / queuing area the old asylum doors look set to be changed with the doors being stripped back to the basics. We believe that during the week more work will be done to this area.  

More updates to come during the next few weeks. 

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