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Work starts on island for new rollercoaster?

Date Posted:

Sunday 24th August 2014


Work on Thorpe Park’s next roller coaster / attraction looks set to start soon as work on the island next to The Swarm and behind Stealth looks to have had some work done to it recently. As shown on the map below the island is quite large meaning that this could possibly host a decent length. Whilst visiting the park on 23rd August 2014 we noticed that the park have recently cut the grass on the island and that cones can be found dotted around the island as photographed below. It would also appear that some trees down by Nemesis Inferno have been tagged up with ID numbers could this mean that the coaster will go down past the Nemesis Inferno maintenance area?

If the park follow what they have done in the past we will see plans appear via the conceal late November early December time and then ground works commencing the following year. With plans for a woody being scrapped for Saw The Ride a couple of years ago could this be the woody many enthusiasts have been waiting for. All of this is just speculation and nothing has been confirmed however when more information gets realised we shall publish it on our Facebook page and on the website. All images have been taken in public areas and must be credited where used.

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