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Angry birds construction update

Date Posted:

Thursday 3rd April 2014


Angry birds is coming to Thorpe Park are you ready! So we all know Angry birds is coming to Thorpe Park this may but how is it looking so far? The park have started painting the area with some parts currently half done its looking to be a very interesting year for Thorpe Park with a new target audience along with a new press team. The park is going back into the family market which means the park could see a lot of attention over the next few years. Detonator is currently open but will be closed for a week prior to the new land opening in May. The dodgems is yet to be built however the floor for the building as been down for a while now so it shouldn't be long until we start to see some vertical construction. We shall keep you updated on Angry Birds land when more information comes to light.

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