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Chessington opens for the 2014 season!

Date Posted:

Thursday 20th March 2014


The theme park season is back and over at Chessington the park hasn't looked better! Lots of work has gone on over the closed season and its all clearly visible when you walk around the park, Dragon falls was due to get a re theme this year but its been delayed due to untold reasons. However dragon falls didn't escape the paint brushes, the dragon tunnel has been repainted as well as the station, its believed that the re theme will be done another time.

After the big fire during december that burnt down the creaky cafe the park has built a nice little outside seating area where families can roll up and have picnic. The entrance tower to Transylvania has received a lot of attention following the fire, such as a new roof and a repaint of the whole tower. Queue lines across the whole of the park has received a lot of attention such as repaving them and painting of the queue line in the vampire queue.

Rethemed for 2014 is Scorpion Express, a runaway mine train with a sting in its tail, the ride features new themeing and a new story line. Including a fire effect which goes off every time the train leaves the station! Everything including the entrance to the ride and the station platform is new which looks really nice as the old ride was falling apart. The queue line for the ride is interactive and looks set to have scorpions in the queue line very soon. The queue also has holes where children can stick there hands in them and it will do a special effect, such as a small air blast on their hand. We only found 2 but we've been told they're are lots of them throughout the queue! Overall its looking to be a very good season at the park with the park looking on top form its definitely going to be a good season for the park.

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