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Work continues around Chessington World Of Adventures

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Sunday 23rd February 2014


Today was Chessingtons last day of being open for there feb half term event. With only two attractions being listed as open the park has done really well for entertaining kids and adults. With hocus pocus hall and tomb blaster being the only listed attractions opened the park then opened jungle bouncers and the flying jumbos. When speaking to a manager on the first day of the event he said the park almost didn't open for half term due to the fact that most of the park is a building site. However with the fire at Christmas and everything else that is happening around the park they've done a fantastic job with it all.

Below we have more recent photos if the new hotel being built for the summer 2014 season which is set to open on the 3rd August. More walls have been fitted and the hotel is starting to take form. Along with the hotel work the Transylvania entrance tower is reviving a lot of work after the fire next door to it so we shall have to see what happens to that and bubbleworks as it seems that bubbleworks might not be competed by the start of the season.

The new scorpion express ride has also had ALOT of work done to it in the week gap since we last went on park. Since last Saturday the ride has required it's first major bit of themeing which we believe to be hosting the water effect. In the background of the ride we can see a tower being built which we think is going to have the fire effect. Not only has themeing started to be constructed the back boards to the ride have been started.

But the major part of this weeks update is that the train for the scorpion express has been put in the track, although it's the same train as the previous runaway mine train it has been given a makeover and has had a full paint job along with new wheels for the cars. The ride is starting to look really good so we shall have to wait and see what happens now that the public aren't on park and in the way. But it's looking likes it's going to be a very exciting season!

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