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London Dungeon Christmas event review

Date Posted:

Sunday 15th December 2013


Last week we headed up to London to review the London dungeons christmas themed attraction / show. The outside of the dungeon has revived a festive makeover with snowmen being placed outside the dungeons instead of the normal stone statue's. As well as the outside being changed the entrance to the dungeons has a ice skating theme to it as show below in the photos, on the far right hand side there was a man in the ice which is where the story begins.

The only scene that was changed for the Christmas Halloween take over was the queuing up for your tour and the lift scene. The actor would tell you a short story saying he was trapped under the ice and no one was there to help him. Christmas has well and truly come to the dungeons and when we compare it to what the dungeons at the old site did this new site along with new management teams have done amazing job this year. As well as changes for Christmas the dungeons changed there are acne for Halloween with pumpkins around the site, however unfortunately we didn't get the chance to see any of this due to other commitments. Being on 2014 we say.

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