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Final preparations for Fright Nights

Date Posted:

Sunday 22nd September 2013


Fright Nights are almost here and with just under 2 weeks left until everything kicks off the park is in full swing to get everything ready! We start off with the asylum which is currently receiving a makeover to the outside of the exit with more work looking to be done during the week by the amount of wood and materials under the cover of the queue for the maze.

My Bloody Valentine which is in the arena looks to almost be ready with speakers now fitted around the queue line and a little shop in the middle which we expect to be selling the usual drinks and sweets along with film merchandise? As shown by the photos below there we’re two large bins going into the arena containing loads of pillows and red siren lights so we’re not to sure whats left to do within the maze.

However with cabin in the woods over at the old the passing entrance lots is left to be done by the looks of it. The old entrance to hellgate has been repainted along with more themeing being added to it such as more trees and rocks. Thorpe Park really is going all out this year and I think its going to be the best fright nights ever! In the photo of the area below there is some graphic art which we think was from the passing last year however it could be for the cabin in the woods however only time shall tell!

Saw Alive is once again back in the boat where it always is and according to staff wondering around the area has got a few new finishing touches done to it for this years fright nights event. As for the other mazes locations are un confirmed but we look forward to seeing what the park has in store for us on the 4th October so until then keep a eye out on our Facebook page for more updates.

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