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Fright Nights construction update

Date Posted:

Saturday 14th September 2013


Fright nights are drawing closer and closer and with just under a month to go until it all kicks off construction of the horror mazes are fully under way. We start off with the old experiment 10 site which is being transformed into another maze however the shipping containers have been put in a different layout so could this mean a new layout within the maze? Along with a possible new layout the appearance of the maze is all wooden which makes us think it could be cabin in the woods.

Over at the old hellgate site the passing sign is still up outside however we now know that the passing wont be returning this year. The inside of the hellgate building is currently all being refitted as shown by the photos below however the extent to this re-theme is currently unknown as theres no way to see anything else without coming off of the public path. Along with all of the major changes to the other mazes around the park the asylum isn't haven't anything major done to it on the outside. However it looks like the lights and sound for the waiting area for the maze could be being set up very soon as outside the entrance theres a set of speakers and a lighting case ready to put up.

Fright Nights kick off 5th October with the annual pass preview night being on 4th October for more information check out the Thorpe Park website.

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