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Alton Towers SW7 plans

Date Posted:

Thursday 5th January 2012


Alton Towers have relieved what they are planing to build for there 2013 theme park season and wow its looking up to be a good year already. The ride looks to be a euro fighter but with a twist it doesn't have a chain lift hill meaning that the ride is going to be a multi launch ride. Although the site may look small the ride is going to be huge as Alton Towers are making full use of the space around the black hole site. The ride is going to go over the toilets that are currently near the Black Hole and the tent is going to be taken down once these plans are approved by the local council. Now Alton Towers have put a date on the ride plans saying that they would like them done by the half term when the park opens for some half term fun meaning that when the park closes again that the park would be able to take the tent down when the area is safe and when no one is around to get hurt if something was to fall. 

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