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Legoland Hotel Update

Date Posted:

Sunday 2nd October 2011


Its been way over a month since we've visited Legoland and given you all a hotel build update and today we finally got around to getting a update. Today we can see that 3 huge vents themed as Lego has been put onto the roof of the hotel and at the other end of the hotel where the lifts are going to go 2 bits of Lego themeing put on the end where the metal looks to be hiding in. Overall not much as changed since our last visit but overall the vents would have taken the most time due to the fact that they are very big. Also people can now book to stay in the hotel via legoland's website which costs around £190 per night with breakfast we think. However this update is nothing major just odd little bits going on around the Legoland hotel site.

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