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Experiment 10 Arrives

Date Posted:

Sunday 25th September 2011


This week we have seen more details and photos of the new Thorpe Park fright night maze called experiment 10 released to the public. Now these photos confirm the location of all of the mazes as this new fright night maze is going be in the location which se7en was last year. And se7en has now been relocated to the other side of the beach which has already been set up and ready for the rest of the themeing to be done. Now the photos of the new maze are a bit odd in the fact that its all going be in storage containers, its unclear whats going to be happening in these containers but Thorpe Park are saying this,  

"Unleashed for 2011, journey through a chilling and disturbing government test lab where the latest project, Experiment 10, has taken a sinister twist. 

Beware of the mutated test victims as you experience your deepest, darkest phobias. You’ll be gassed, confined and left screaming for a way out of Experiment 10’s deadly grasp." 

Could this be the best fright night in Thorpe Park's history? We shall be at the park on 6th October hopefully doing a LIVE event from the park from 3pm onwards due to college work but the live will continue until 9pm due to the park being open to annual pass holders only for this time! 

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