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Fright Nights Work Begins

Date Posted:

Sunday 11th September 2011


Today we have photos of the work that is still going on around the park to get ready for the fright night event which this year is celebrating its 10th year of being put on by the park and by the staff. This year we see only 4 maze's returning and the other 1 still to be confirmed about what is going to be happening in it / based on! Now luckily for us our college is going to be going on the first day this event is on so we shall be getting lots of photos then of the event and doing all of the maze's and everything! All of these photos show us the work going on around the park such as the curse tent being put up and the work going on in the time voyagers room which is still unknown what is going to be put in there! But one thing is known this years fright nights event is going to be the biggest fright night event ever! 

Photo Gallery: