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Easter Sunday at 50mph

Date Posted:

Tuesday 19th April 2011


Possibly one of the more stranger articles we have written this year, however 13 Nuns, Vickers and Deacons have been having a hair raising experience at Alton Towers Resort and Thorpe Park conducting services at 50 mph or more! All of this is being done so Alton Towers and Thorpe Park can rattle down the 13 people into just 2 people where those 2 people will be picked to conduct a service at either Thorpe Park or Alton Towers! The dare devil reverends could be seen clasping their hands in prayer and raising their arms to the lord as they took part in a number of extreme ride at the two parks to determine who takes on the extreme mass! Well, they do say God works in mysterious ways, so why not on a roller-coaster at 50 mph? Photos from the daily mail website.  

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