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Fright Nights 2016 Construction Starts Early

Date Posted:

Sunday 24th July 2016


With Derren Browns Ghost Train now open the parks attention can now turn to preparing its self for the biggest event of the year. Fright Nights 2016! Which will be celebrating 15 years of fear. Posters have gone up around the park advertising platform 15 new for this year, face it alone experiences from £20, maze backstage tours and Zombie Scare Academy from £50. Its currently unknown if different mazes will have different prices for face it alone this year but the signs seem to suggest they will! Zombie scare academy is also new for this year, however no more information is available about it yet. 

Containment will be making a return this year with the construction of the ride already underway. A permanent concrete base has been built and a fence put around the shipping containers. The attraction looks pretty complete from the outside however we expect its still currently just a shell. 

Down by the Nemesis Inferno exit fresh wood has been put outside the blair witch project shed. We expect that the maze could be getting a major overhaul this year seeing as the new Lionsgate film Blair Witch, will be released in September and Fright Nights start late September time. 

Over at the old Canada Creek Railway Station work has begun to remove the old train tracks that run from the station all the way around the back of Loggers Leap to down by the Samurai exit. Whilst on Saw The Ride you can see a big pile of railway track and railway sleepers. In the old train station building theres sleepers all stacked up ready to be chucked away or used as theming. Fright Nights 2016 looks set to be the scariest they've ever been! 

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